Our History

The School Counselling and Psychology Association NSW (SCPA NSW) is a volunteer organisation led by elected members who are counsellors or psychologists providing a direct or indirect service to NSW schools. The organisation’s story begins in 1986 with the formation of the Australian Guidance and Counsellors Association (AGCA), a national body for counsellors and psychologists in schools. After the national conference of 1989, hosted by NSW, state chapters were formed, including AGCA NSW. This was a response to the need for state-specific information to AGCA’s growing membership.

In 2013, AGCA became known as Australian Psychologists and Counsellors in Schools (APACS). AGCA NSW became APACS NSW. The state chapter continued to provide the high-quality professional development that its members demanded and deserved. It also worked to increase its advocacy efforts and consolidate its position as a representative body for school counsellors and school psychologists in NSW. 

In 2020, APACS NSW became an incorporated not-for-profit organisation. In the following year, APACS NSW became known as SCPA NSW. This name, selected by members via a survey, foregrounds the organisation’s commitment to counsellors and psychologists based in NSW schools.

While the organisation’s name has changed many times in its history, its vision and mission remains the same: to advance the interests of school counsellors and school psychologists in NSW. 

To read more about SCPA NSW’s vision and mission, refer to our Strategic Plan 2021-2023

SCPA NSW would like to acknowledge Sue Hawick, Glenys Gardam, and Judy Hatswell for their contributions to this page.